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What does possession mean to you?
Archival pigment print mounted on dibond, wooden frame,

44x57x4 cm/ 72x57x4 cm

In the work What does possession mean to you? Celeste Knirke Arnstedt reflects on the matter of belongings. Working with recognizable objects, contemporary trends and familiar scenarios, the artist examines how single images relate to each other through sequencing.


Feeding on shiny green apples while taking part in a plastic fantasy we search for authenticity in a fabricated world of socially constructed desires.

You were still present in that moment, in the position of possessing. Searching for self validation while being caught up in a capitalist society.

What does it mean to gain ownership of something and how can it so easily lead to either flourish or complete destruction?


The artist investigates the link between the world of consumption and the volatile moment of desire. 

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